Inherited Disease Testing

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Inherited Disease Testing

Viafet Genomics Centre has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership in the realm of in-vitro genetic testing. We proudly hold the distinction of being the pioneering testing center in the Middle East to introduce Pre-implantation Genetic Testing of embryos back in 2001.

Genetic testing possesses the remarkable potential to provide actionable results across various health dimensions, offering valuable insights into the origins of diseases. This knowledge equips us with strategic tools to develop improved treatment plans. Viafet is dedicated to providing advanced genetic testing solutions that cater to every stage of life. Our offerings include:

– Reproductive tests: These tests offer actionable information before, during, and after pregnancy, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

– Diagnostic tests: Our diagnostic tests empower the understanding and diagnosis of inherited diseases, shedding light on unexplained symptoms and uncovering their root causes.

At Viafet, we believe that genetic testing is the key to unlocking a healthier future.

Inherited Disease Testing by WES

Viafet Genomics Centre offers Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), a cutting-edge genetic testing tool conducted using Next-Generation Sequencing technology. WES allows for the simultaneous and efficient examination of multiple regions of your DNA known as ‘exons,’ which are responsible for protein production. By utilizing this technique, we can accurately discover the genetic cause of the disease affecting you or your family.

WES is considered a cost-effective and time-efficient testing approach when compared to other genetic testing methods. It provides high accuracy in identifying the underlying genetic condition.

Indicators of Inherited Disease Testing by WES

Indications for WES include:

– If your healthcare provider suspects a genetic condition

– If your condition is believed to be syndromic, caused by multiple diseases

– If multiple genes could be involved in causing the symptoms

– If you have a complex medical history with multiple affected organs and/or body systems

– If you exhibit an unusual manifestation of the disease, casting doubt on a previous diagnosis

– If previous non-exome genetic tests have shown normal results

– If your characteristics have not been previously documented medically

– If your clinician needs to assess your medical condition to plan suitable targeted therapeutic strategies

At Viafet, we strive to provide you with the most advanced and comprehensive genetic testing options, ensuring accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

 Why Viafet

Since its implementation in 2015, Viafet has utilized Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) to detect disease-causing Single Nucleotide Variations (SNVs), similar to other genetic companies offering WES. A significant milestone for Viafet was becoming the first laboratory in the Middle East, and one of the few globally, to receive accreditation from The College of American Pathologists (CAP) for WES.

Viafet introduced an innovative ‘all-in-one’ WES technology that enables the simultaneous analysis of SNVs and targeted Copy Number Variations (CNVs). This validated technology offers several advantages, including faster reporting times, lower cost, increased sensitivity, and the detection of a wider range of variations. Ultimately, these advancements improve the diagnostic rate, providing more accurate and comprehensive results.

What sets Viafet apart is that we are one of the few laboratories worldwide that offer both diagnostic genetic testing services and embryo diagnosis under one roof. Our dedicated team, known for their unparalleled expertise and strong work ethic, continuously applies the most advanced and innovative technologies in the field of genetic testing. This commitment has made Viafet a regional leader in providing comprehensive genetic testing solutions.

Inherited Disease Testing by TMS

Viafet’s Targeted Mutation Screening is an efficient diagnostic tool that utilizes a DNA sequencing technology called Sanger sequencing to identify the mutated gene or genes causing a disease or disability in your family.

Indicators of Inherited Disease Testing by TMS

You will benefit from targeted mutation screening if:

  • You have a genetic condition running through your family that is caused by a specific mutation. Examples include Sickle Cell Anemia and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
  • There is a genetic report of a family member indicating a disease causing mutation which you would like to be screened for.
  • The gene implicated in the genetic condition in your family is of small size. Examples include Beta-Thalassemia, Connexin 26 (hearing loss), and more.

Why Viafet

Opting for targeted genetic testing is an indication that you are seeking a more personalized strategy to manage your health. At Viafet, we pride ourselves for having built a name that is synonymous with expert genetic testing. We employ cutting-edge diagnostic technologies and offer unparalleled counseling services that empower patients and their healthcare providers with the knowledge to better understand the implications of genetically induced diseases. This in turn, makes our targeted testing accurate, fast and tailored to your needs in order to empower you to make impactful and better-informed decisions about your own health and the health of your future generations