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Genetic testing at Viafet Genomics Centre is a seamless process designed to provide you with detailed information about your DNA.



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Whole Exome Sequencing

Offering Genetics Services

Our comprehensive range of genetic services includes:

An illustration of a cataract, a clouding of the eye's lens. Important for REPRODUCTIVE GENETICS.


A pregnant woman surrounded by a circle, with a baby in the center. Image representing prenatal testing for genetic conditions.

Prenatal Testing

Pink ribbon icon representing cancer testing.

Cancer Testing

A blue circle with a blue and white DNA molecule, representing molecular genetics and genetic testing.


A couple in a circle with a blue line around it. Image representing carrier screening for genetic testing.

Carrier Screening

Blue and pink icon featuring a microscope and DNA strand. Represents genetic testing.

Other tests

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Analyzing Embryos/Year

We perform meticulous genetic analysis on embryos, ensuring informed decisions during fertility treatments.

Diagnosing and Performing Mutations

Our expertise extends to diagnosing genetic conditions and performing necessary mutations, guided by the latest research.

Whole Exome Sequencing

Viafet specializes in whole exome sequencing, unlocking a wealth of genetic information.

Two scientists in lab coats examining an object. Likely conducting genetic testing in a laboratory setting.

Why Choose Viafet?

  • Reliability: Our results are accurate and dependable.
  • Expert Team: Our knowledgeable geneticists, scientists, and counselors are dedicated to your well-being.
  • Affordability: Comprehensive pricing makes our services accessible.
  • Fast Turnaround: Timely results for informed decisions.

About Viafet

“At Viafet, we’re at the forefront of patient care, driven by a desire to uncover genetic causes behind diseases. Our mission leads to better diagnoses and improved health outcomes.”

— Dr. Ali Hellani, Founder and Director of Viafet Genomics Centre

A female scientist in a lab coat holds a test tube, conducting genetic testing.
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Patients Come First

Your health, hope, and stories inspire our discoveries. Genetic testing isn’t just a test—it’s a transformative journey. At Viafet, patients are our priority.