Whole Exome Sequencing

Ensuring a healthy and successful pregnancy

What is Diagnostic Testing by WES

Viafet offers Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), a cutting-edge genetic testing tool which allows for the examination of regions of your DNA known as ‘exons,’ which are responsible for protein production. WES is performed with the goal of providing an accurate diagnosis for the underlying genetic condition in you and your family. 

Although the exon comprises less than 2% of your DNA, around 85% of disease causing variants are present in this region. This makes WES a cost-effective, comprehensive, and time-efficient testing approach.

Indicators of Inherited Disease Testing by WES

Whole exome sequencing can be performed on: 




Whole exome sequencing is recommended:

  • If a genetic condition is suspected
  • If multiple genes could be involved in causing the symptoms
  • If you have a complex medical history with multiple affected organs and/or body systems, or your condition can be caused by multiple diseases
  • If you exhibit an unusual manifestation of the disease, casting doubt on a previous diagnosis
  • If previous non-exome genetic tests have shown normal results

At Viafet, we strive to provide you with the most advanced and comprehensive genetic testing options, ensuring accurate diagnoses and to allow your healthcare provider to provide personalized treatment plans.

Benefits of Diagnostic testing by WES

  • Identify the genetic cause of a disease

  • Diagnose a patient with multiple different diagnoses

  • Treat the patient with the most effective therapy

  • Prevent the transmission of disease to offspring

Why Viafet

Viafet’s Genomic Innovation:

  • Implemented WES since 2015 for detecting disease-causing SNVs
  • Pioneered Middle East accreditation from The College of American Pathologists (CAP) for WES
  • Introduced ‘all-in-one’ WES technology for simultaneous SNV and CNV detection
  • Fast reporting, lower cost, increased sensitivity, and wider variation detection
  • Enhances diagnostic accuracy and rate 
  • Complimentary variant confirmation using orthologous methodology

Unique Offering:

  • Viafet stands out globally by providing both diagnostic genetic testing and embryo/prenatal diagnosis
  • Dedicated team with unmatched expertise and strong work ethic
  • Commitment to applying the most advanced technologies in genetic testing
  • Regional leader in comprehensive genetic testing solutions.