Somatic Cancer Testing

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What is Somatic Cancer Testing

Somatic cancers arise as a result of acquired genetic variants and account for approximately 90-95% of all cancer cases. 

Genetic changes differ between individuals, even within the same cancer type. Consequently, individuals would respond differently to the same therapy.

Indications and benefits for somatic cancer testing

Somatic cancer testing is typically recommended for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and are seeking additional information about the genetic mutations present in their tumor. Some common indications for somatic cancer testing include:

  • Treatment Selection: Somatic cancer testing can help identify specific genetic mutations present in a tumor that may impact treatment options. 
  • Prognostic Information: Somatic cancer testing can provide information about the aggressiveness of a tumor and the likelihood of recurrence. 
  • Monitoring Response to Treatment: Somatic cancer testing can be used to monitor a patient’s response to treatment over time. Changes in the genetic profile of a tumor can indicate whether a treatment is working or if adjustments need to be made.
  • Risk of Cancer Recurrence: Somatic cancer testing can help assess the risk of cancer recurrence following treatment, allowing for more personalized follow-up care and surveillance strategies.

Why Viafet

Viafet offers myeloid and solid tumor panel tests. These tests provide a thorough analysis of genetic mutations and chromosomal fusions associated with various types of cancer.

The myeloid panel, targeting mutations in 40 genes and 29 specific chromosomal fusion events, is particularly relevant for individuals with leukemia and other myeloid disorders. Identifying these mutations and fusion events can help guide treatment decisions and provide valuable prognostic information for patients with these conditions.

On the other hand, the solid tumor panel, which screens for mutations in 52 genes, is likely more suitable for individuals with solid tumors, such as breast, lung, colorectal, or other types of cancer. This panel can help oncologists tailor treatment plans and potentially identify targeted therapies that may be effective based on the specific genetic profile of the tumor.

Viafet provides a patient-tailored report that includes detailed information about specific detected mutations and potential treatment options, including clinical trials worldwide. This personalized approach can be incredibly valuable for patients and their healthcare providers in making informed decisions about their treatment plan.