Products of Conception (POC) Analysis

Ensuring a healthy and successful pregnancy

What is POC Analysis

Parenthood is a cherished aspiration for nearly every couple, yet the path to becoming parents is often filled with unforeseen challenges. Unfortunately not every pregnancy unfolds smoothly, and a significant percentage, approximately 10 to 20 percent, end in miscarriage. Tragically, about 80 percent of these heartbreaking losses occur during the initial trimester.

One key factor contributing to nearly 50 percent of first trimester miscarriages is a specific chromosomal abnormality. This genetic error can impede the proper development of the baby within the womb.

Indicators of POC testing

  • Recurrent pregnancy loss (2 times or more) through natural pregnancy of assisted reproductive 
  • To better understand the cause of the pregnancy loss

Why Viafet

Armed with this vital information of the cause of the miscarriage, our team of experts will collaborate with the couple to formulate a personalized plan for future pregnancies. By carefully considering their unique circumstances, we will provide guidance and support to help them navigate the complexities of pregnancy, ensuring the highest chances of a successful and fulfilling journey towards parenthood.

  • Comprehensive Analysis for Miscarriage Understanding
  • STR testing to rule out Maternal Cell Contamination
  • Timely Test Results
  • Personalized Planning
  • Enhanced Chances for Parenthood