Mutation Screening Services at Viafet

Mutation screening is completed in order to locate the mutated gene or genes causing a genetic disease in a family or individual. The identification of a gene mutation(s) allows for further steps to be taken to prevent the passing on of the condition to future generations and may aid in the improvement of treatment of an affected individual. In most cases, after identifying the cause of genetic disease through mutation screening, couples choose to complete an IVF cycle with Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis for Single Gene Disorders, a genetic test that allows for your embryos to be screened for the genetic disease affecting your family, before pregnancy. Alternatively, mutation screening can be completed through Viafet's Carrier Screening even if you do not have a particular history for genetic disease.

The following mutation screening tests are available at Viafet:

  • Whole Exome Sequencing: Whole Exome Sequencing is a newly developed test performed through Next Generation Sequencing that enables multiple genes and larger areas of genes to be tested simultaneously and efficiently.
  • Targeted Mutation Screening by Sanger Sequencing: Targeted Mutation Screening is most often recommended in the case of genetic conditions known to be caused by a small number of genes, if you have the genetic report of a family member and would like to be screened for the same condition or if the gene causing the condition is small.
  • Carrier Screening:

If you have any questions about the tests above or would like help in determining the right test for you, contact Viafet today to speak with a Genetic Counselor. A number of variables determine a laboratory's success in being able to identify the genetic mutation(s) causing a disease in our family - Viafet's team has reported over 240 clinically oriented publications and discovered 11 previously unclassified diseases and is dedicated to providing a fast-turn-around time. With locations in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Australia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and more locations coming soon, Viafet's services are available to a wide network of clinicians and patients