Carrier Screening

Ensuring a healthy and successful pregnancy

What is Carrier Screening?

Carrier screening is a genetic test that assesses whether an individual carries a genetic mutation associated with a particular inherited disorder. The purpose of carrier screening is to identify individuals who carry one copy of a mutated gene but do not display symptoms of the disorder themselves. Carriers are typically healthy individuals, but if both parents are carriers for the same genetic disorder, there is an increased risk of having an affected child.

From our extensive experience, we have noted that:

By using state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing technology, Viafet can screen over 4000 genes, focusing on those that are most relevant and frequent in Middle Eastern populations.

Indicators of Carrier Screening by WES

  • Consanguineous couples

  • Couples with family history of genetic disease

  • Couples who would like to rule out any genetic disorders.

Carrier Screening at Viafet

The test is performed on a blood sample, and the genetic results are typically provided within four weeks. Viafet screens for over 3500 Autosomal Recessive conditions and 250 X-linked Recessive Conditions. The ACMG recommended genes are screening if the couple consents. 

The comprehensive report includes: 

  • Assessment of variants in each individual
  • Compilation of a Common Genetic Report, elucidating the combined genetic risk for offspring within the couple
  • ACMG incidental findings disclosure, contingent on provided consent
  • Provision of personalized reproductive planning options

Why Viafet

Carrier screening helps individuals make informed decisions about family planning, reproductive options, and, if necessary, allows for early intervention or management of a genetic condition in the offspring.

Viafet offers:

  • Comprehensive Carrier Screening Genetic Panel
  • Utilizing advanced technology (WES by NGS) to sequence a large number of genes simultaneously 
  • Expert reporting by adhering to the guidelines set by the American College of Medical Genetics 
  • Extensive repository of disease-causing mutations, a culmination of our years of expertise and experience.
  • Delivering comprehensive genetic counseling services to every family 
  • Support for couples seeking to make informed reproductive decisions