Ancestry Testing

Ancestral testing through genetics allows you to accurately gain insight into your family's history. Viafet performs ancestry testing through genetic markers of both mother and father allowing us to more accurately trace your ancestral background. Learning about your ancestry allows you to learn more about your past as well as learn about any health risks linked to your ancestral background.

How is ancestry testing completed?

Viafet performs ancestral testing utilizing information from both your mother and father. The information revealed through your mother's ancestry is known as Mitochondrial haplogrouping while the information linked to your father's background is known as Y-chromosome haplogrouping. The two methods Viafet uses to identify your ancestry accurately are described below:

  • Y-chromosome haplogrouping (Paternal ancestry tracking): Viafet analyzes at least 150 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in order to determine paternal ancestry with unmatched accuracy offered on a commercial basis. Y-chromosome haplogrouping completed this way enables Viafet to track your paternal ancestry up to 40,000 years ago with more than 27 Y-chromosome haplogroups and more than 100 subclades (subgroups).
  • Mitochondrial haplogrouping (Maternal ancestry tracking): Maternal ancestry is stored within two regions on the mitochondrial DNA, HVS-I and HSV-II. Viafet begins by sequencing these two regions in full and may sequence the full mitochondrial genome, if required. The technique utilized at Viafet enables the identification of 25 different mitochondrial haplogroups and the tracking of maternal ancestry up to 75,000 years ago.
Viafet's staff are experienced in population genetics and are responsible for publications in the field that are considered as core reference work worldwide.

Where can I get testing?

If you are interested in completing Ancestry testing, contact Viafet and we will guide you on what to do next.

If at any time during your journey you have questions or would like to speak with a Genetic Counselor, contact Viafet and we will schedule an appointment immediately.